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Current status of some of the organisations assisted and working with in India and UK and Ireland 

Indian institutes working with currently:

  • AISSMS group, Pune (Official Consultant)     
  • Vishwaniketan, Navi Mumbai (Director Global Collaborations)  
  • Sandip University, Nashik (Official Consultant)
  • Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal
  • IHM Institute, Bhopal

UK / Irish universities working with:

  • Teesside University, UK
  • A I T, Ireland
  • Birmingham University, UK
  • UHI University, UK
  • Global Education Management, UK

Recent collaborations signed:

  • Vishwaniketan with Teesside (Design)  
  • AISSMS with AIT (Hospitality)
  • IHM with Global Education Management (Hospitality)
  • (Working with several others in Engineering, Management, Hospitality, and other disciplines)

Can offer a tailor made program as per the requirement of the University/ Institute

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